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Our business model is simple: we serve caregivers of the disabled, elderly and others by providing research into the right financial aid programs for your needs.

You know your loved one; we know the system. Together, we can get you the help you need.

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Rori Roje

In 1996, my husband had a massive heart attack.

Then in 1999, he suffered a major cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

These events made me realize I was not prepared to take care of him or myself, for that matter. I was forced to use all my strength and resources to uncover public and private assistance in the medical and legal fields, as well as numerous government, non-profit, and/or faith-based programs to help me through these unplanned events.

He remains hospitalized to this day.

I now help others in similar situations find qualified resources that target their specific needs.

I am honest, trustworthy, confidential and hardworking. I will help you get the assistance and support you need and deserve.

Rori’s Consultancy Explained


Working with Rori is easy. She has helped many people in situations very similar to your own, so she’s prepared with the right questions, the first time.

It’s a very simple process involving only a few steps:

Complete the contact form on this page
Rori replies with a questionnaire
You complete the questionnaire
Rori replies with assessment fee

Rori’s consulting fee is flat-rate, meaning you’ll know the exact cost before we proceed with the project.

Once you’ve provided all needed information, Rori will provide you with the fee as well as a strategy overview specific to your situational needs. Once you elect to move forward, Rori will have your strategy report to you within 30 business days, if not sooner.

Praise from our valued customers

  • Rori has always given me thoughtful advice. Over the years, I have realized that her personal and professional experience with medical providers and related vendors is so deep and broad that she has an area of expertise that would benefit anyone who is faced with a care giving process for parent or other family member. She has helped me make many decisions that have turned-out to the best possible outcome for everyone involved, including me, and I have avoided many costly mistakes. I am relieved just knowing that I can call Rori for her advice. Thank you, Rori.

    John Hopkins Economic Forecasting Consultant
  • I have Parkinson's Disease and Rori has been very helpful in locating services and advising me on dealing with case workers. Her advice helped me get an $1100 co-pay situation reduced to $20. Rori has also helped located service providers in my area who can assist me - something I was completely unaware of before now. I feel very relieved and grateful for Rori's invaluable assistance and knowledge.

    Stacey D.

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